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System Information
64*64 Matrix                     
Firmware ModelSIM202
Rev Code1705121120
ManufacturerUniversal Switching
CPU Serial NumberC3-32846
Manufacturer's Description 64*64 Matrix
User's Description 64*64 Matrix
LXI Extended FeaturesNone
LXI Version1.4 LXI Device Specification 2011
Host Nameus_SIM202.local
MAC Address 00:0D:A6:00:80:4E
IP Address192.168.50.5
Instrument Address StringTCPIP::
Network ID 0
SNMP Community Name public
TCP/IP Ports
These links can launch your terminal application and open a session to the switch. Not all browsers support this and some browser setup may be required. The defaults for the terminal application will probably not enable local echo and automatic linefeeds (ctrl-J). A sample command to type in "blindly" when the session is opened:

Front Panel ID